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We offer an educational program designed for each child’s personal learning style, developmental level, and interests. Consistent with National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC) our program focuses on developing the skills and knowledge that will serve your child over a lifetime.

We emphasize the importance of social learning and the development of self-esteem and emotional maturity in a loving environment. A happy childhood lays the foundation for a fulfilling life.

We believe that learning begins at home, and encourage parents’ participation in our programs. Together we will help your children take their first steps toward a lifelong love and enthusiasm of learning while strengthening their Armenian identity, language, heritage, and culture. Upon leaving us, your child will have the sense of independence and responsibility necessary for a successful continuing education.

Taline Concert at First Steps!

Thursday, June 20 2019

Summer School Dates:

Monday July 8th to Friday August 2nd

June Events:

Jun. 4th  Discovery Cube Field Trip (Kindergarten)
Jun. 8th Year End Program (Green and Red Groups)
Jun. 15th Year End Program (Blue and Yellow Groups)
Jun. 21st Last Day Of School (HALF DAY)
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Event Calendar

Now enrolling toddlers!

for more information call us at:

Phone: (818)957-6364

Fax: (818)804-3477

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