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If your child was born…

Born on or after 9/1/18

The following are the tuition rates and school fees for the 2020-2021 school year:

  • Registration Fee
    • Annual Registration Fee: $300
    • School Year Registration is required to guarantee a spot for your child for each upcoming school year.
  • Earthquake Kit
    • Fee: $20
    • Each child is required to have an earthquake kit, provided by the school, on site in case of emergency. This kit will be valid throughout the duration of the child’s stay at First Steps.
  • Access Pass
    • Fee: $20 each
    • For security reasons, all parents and others who regularly pick-up and drop-off students are required to carry a key fob in order to gain access into and out of the school campus.
  • Tuition – Full Time Program
    • Five Full Days (Basic Rate) – $1.290.00 Per Calendar Month
    • Four Full Days* $1,120.00 Per Calendar Month
    • Three Full Days* $950.00 Per Calendar Month
    • Two Full Days * $850.00 Per Calendar Month
  • Tuition – Part Time Programs
    • Five Half Days (Basic Rate) – $903.00 Per Calendar Month
    • Four Half Days* $784.00 Per Calendar Month
    • Three Half Days* $665.00 Per Calendar Month
    • Two Half Days * $595.00 Per Calendar Month
  • Sibling Discounts
    • Siblings attending school consecutively will receive 50% off one Annual Registration Fee.
    • The second child enrolled will receive 15% off their monthly tuition – the third child will receive 30% off their monthly tuition.

Additional charges for special monthly activities (optional) may apply.

Please note that rates are subject to change.

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