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Our Philosophy

First Steps is committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and cooperative environment for children to flourish socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically. We believe each child is a unique individual who contributes to the group in a special way, creating a diverse social setting. We strive to provide our students with developmentally appropriate activities and learning experiences in order to boost their personal success within our program. We encourage learning, but more importantly, we emphasize the importance of loving to learn by allowing children to progress at their own pace, using their personalized learning styles.

The keystone of our philosophy is the enhancement of social and emotional skills, whereby each child gains the building blocks to support successful and enriching peer interactions throughout their lives. Cognitive and physical experiences work to support and complete the development of the child as a whole.

Our program works to strengthen children’s Armenian identity, language, and heritage. This is accomplished in a progressive, age-appropriate environment guided by a professional teaching team that facilitates the child’s learning process. First Steps has a dependable, dedicated, multilingual, and multi-dialect staff with excellent academic credentials. Our experienced teachers have on-going training and resources to help create a unique learning experience for your child. Upon leaving us, students have a sense of independence and responsibility, which is necessary for a successful continuing education. Together we help children take their first steps toward a lifelong love of learning.

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