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First Steps accepts students as young as 2-years-old.

Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8 am to 5 pm. Student’s daily activities take place between the hours of 9am to 3:30pm. Before 9am and after 3:30pm are before and after care hours. There are no additional fees if students are dropped off or picked up during these times.

Yes. There is an additional Potty Training Fee added to your monthly tuition. When your child is potty trained, the fee will no longer be charged.

Yes. The tuition rate includes a morning snack and lunch. After enrollment, parents will receive a lunch menu with a weekly breakdown of all items on our menu.

Yes. Parents can choose the number of days their children attend school per week. Our part time program is based on the number of days per week that a child attends school, not the number of hours in a given day.

For each age group, First Steps has assigned a different color uniform. Uniforms are available for purchase at Modella Uniforms.

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Yes, we offer a summer program for students in pre-school all the way through third grade! Our summer program is usually comprised of a theme that runs through the duration of the program. Themes in the past have been circus, carnival, Olympics, traveling around the world, and many more! We strive to make our summer program fun by utilizing water play centers and incorporating the chosen themes into the weekly activities.

Our summer program is a 4-week program. During summer, parents have flexible options when enrolling their children. Our summer program offers 1/2 day options, along with a variable weekly schedule which can be adjusted to meet the needs of families who have changing schedules throughout the summer months!

The summer program is available for children from the age of 2 all the way through to children in 3rd grade. Programs and curriculum vary based on age level.

During summer, elementary students engage in a curriculum that revolves around a central theme chosen for the summer program. Students have a chance to review Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies in relation to their summer theme, while having fun playing, creating games, spending time at the park, preparing various foods, and engaging in water play activities.

Here at First Steps we strive to help strengthen and maintain children’s Armenian identity and cultural roots. In order to preserve an important aspect of our heritage, our language, we incorporate both Armenian and English into our curriculum and daily activities. We strive to teach children words and phrases in both languages to strengthen both their English and Armenian.

Our staff consists of a culturally variant group of teachers and assistants who speak a variety of different languages and dialects. We strive to maintain a sense of togetherness while adjusting curriculum to fit the needs of children’s dialects rather than separating children on the basis of dialect. For example, in a classroom with both Western and Eastern Armenian speaking students, worksheets would be produced in both dialects to cater each student’s needs.

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